Advanced Customer Service Course-Taking Your Program to “Best In Class”


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In Customer Service, there is one thing a CSR can always deliver to a customer regardless of the situation or circumstance. And that is Empathy. This course has a special focus on Empathy and once an agent has completed the course, it will  be second nature for them to apply Empathy on each call.

It is also important to make sure there is no disconnect or communication barriers with the customer. This is where Clarity plays a big role from start to end of the call. Clarity using voice and tone will also be a major focus in this course. Making sure the customer understands the agent instantly not only builds rapport with the customer but on the business side of things it will lead to lower AHT (Average Handle Time).

Irate Customers is a reality in Customer Service/Call Centers.  Every agent at some point has or will receive a call from an irate customer. Unfortunately  not all agents are properly equipped with the skills to effectively handle a call from an irate customer without getting their supervisor to help or to take over the call. This is another major area of focus in this course, once an agent has completed the course they will be  more comfortable handling irate customers and on the business side you will see a reduction in escalated calls to a supervisor.


“There are many who subscribe to the convention that service is a business cost,

but our data demonstrates that superior service is an investment that can help drive business growth.

Investing in quality talent, and ensuring they have the skills, training and tools that enable them to

empathize and actively listen to customers are central to providing consistently excellent service experiences.”

-Jim Bush, EVP American Express


The Advanced Customer Service Course is designed to teach skills not normally thought in regular Contact Center Training Programs.

While most Contact Center training classes focuses more on process, procedures, product knowledge and call flow, this course focuses on teaching the skills vital to making a connection with customers and keeping customers.

The main areas of focus are:



-Handing Irate Customers

-Elimination of Poor Speaking Habits (such as “um”, speaking to fast, etc)

By enrolling your agents in this course, you will see the following results:

• An increase in FCR (First Call Resolution)

• Reduction in escalated calls

• Improved response time for customer questions.

• Increased Customer Retention- due to fewer communication barriers

• Keeps customers happy and satisfied – improved intonation and speech flow creates greater empathy between client and call center employees.

• Higher CSAT scores.

• Lower AHT (Average Handle Times)

• Employees have greater job satisfaction- due to fewer frustrated and angry clients and fewer frustrated conversations.

• Higher QA scores

This course can be delivered in either an Onsite or Online formats, we can also customize an hybrid version of both Onsite and Online based on your needs.

For the Onsite Program – will will customize the training to the messaging of the company.

**All attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion**