Handling Difficult Customers


Handling Difficult Customers

Quick Overview

Unfortunately, one part of many jobs has to do with dealing with frustrated, angry, or upset customers.

This course provides you with some strategies to add to your customer service tool kit for:

-Communication Strategies and Techniques

-Problem Resolution

-Techniques for maintaining your own emotions.

It also covers when you should draw the line with a customer who is excessively difficult (using vulgar language, being verbally abusive, or threatening).

This course is approximately 4 hours in length.

Course Code: CSS302

Chapter 1: Different Types of Difficult Customers
Chapter 2: Handling Hostile Customers
Chapter 3: Problem Resolution
Chapter 4: Escalation Procedures
Chapter 5: Calming Customer Emotions
Chapter 6: Techniques for Handling Agents’ Emotions

Course Topics:

• Complaints
• Types of difficult customers
• Hostile customers
• Creating a customer log
• Dealing with abusive customers
• Types of hostile and abusive customers
• Problem resolution resources
• Common problem resolution techniques
• Problem solving stages
• Customer history related to current issues
• Problem escalation procedure
• Time-driven and event escalation
• Escalation procedure practice
• The C.A.R.P. method
• 12 steps to diffusing a hostile customer
• Dealing with abuse
• Tools for reducing conflict
• Discussion to conflict
• Employee stress
• Understanding anger
• Learning to cope
• Coping practice

Canada: $150 plus applicable taxes (per user)

USA & All Other Countries: $135 USD (per user)