How to Do a Great Job and Still Go Home on Time: Secrets of Highly Efficient Contact Center Managers


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Do you feel rushed? Overworked? Stressed out? Today’s contact center manager juggles roles as a leader, coach and project manager. In addition, many managers also handle hiring, training and workforce management. How do you balance these roles without staying late at the office every night?

Imagine being able to prioritize your workload, make better use of your time and still produce great results. The more you learn about using time wisely, the more you can reduce your stress level and take control of your schedule.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– How to prioritize your workload:  most contact center managers spend their entire day dealing with “fires.” They are always in reactive mode, losing control of their agenda and their time. In comparison, learn how to proactively take control using simple techniques to prioritize urgent and important tasks, so you get more done, while still responding to unexpected emergencies.

– How to tame your inbox:  the average manager receives more than 200 emails a day and spends 10 hours a week dealing with them. There is a better way. Learn the email techniques highly efficient managers use to free up more of their time. 

– How to run faster, more productive meetings:  the average manager spends 20 hours a week in meetings. However, how many of those meetings are productive? How many meetings lack focus and drag on way too long? Learn how to get more done – in less time – through proper meeting management. Learn how to better organize your own meetings, so you can free up more of your time. More importantly, learn which meeting invitations from other people should be declined, re-defined or delegated to save time and open up your schedule.

– How to reduce the time you spend monitoring and coaching, while still supporting your Agents. Most managers would love to spend more time coaching. However, the average manager is lucky if they can spend 10-20 percent of their time in one-on-ones with their team. Rather than increase the number of hours spent coaching, learn how to make the hours you already invest produce better results.

– How to use daily pre-shift team huddles to increase coaching and reduce questions/escalations. Learn how to choose the correct theme for your huddles, so Agents handle customer inquiries without having to ask you questions or involve you in their customer dialogue. In addition, learn how to delegate the creation of these modules, so you can increase productivity without having to increase the time your spend at the office.

– How to gain time by training and empowering your team to handle escalations effectively. Learn how to properly delegate escalations to ensure great service without having to handle every case yourself. Doing this can save you several hours a week.

Imagine feeling better organized, more in control of your schedule and better able to focus on the key aspects of your role as a contact center leader. The more you learn about effective time management, the more you will get done, without having to stay late at the office.

Who Should Attend:

This training is directed at any member of the leadership team within your Contact Center. This includes Leaders in Training, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers ,Site Leaders & Directors.


Mike Aoki

Mike Aoki

Mike Aoki is a popular conference speaker and seminar leader. His company, Reflective Keynotes Inc. (, focuses on helping organizations improve their sales, customer service and management skills. His past clients include Telus, Rogers, Just Energy, Canada Post and Travelocity. A call center expert, Mike has been interviewed by the Customer Experience Radio Show, Contact Centre Pipeline magazine and the Globe and Mail. His background includes 20 years of call center, sales and management experience. So, Mike brings real-life examples to his training workshops, speeches and consulting work.

– Testimonials for Mike Aoki’s Training:

” Mike has a deep understanding of the opportunities and constraints that exist in delivering training for results in a call center environment. I knew Mike as an inspiring leader, facilitator and business partner who is passionate about the work he does (it shows) and focused on bottom line results.”

…Kim Katz, Director, Client Care, Telus Mobility

” Mike is a great keynote speaker and a fantastic trainer. I’ve seen him in action in person and can promise you that he knows what he is doing. The bank I work for hired him after we’d heard good things about him and he made a keynote address to our entire Ontario management team.”

…Nigel Robertson, Vice-President, Business Development Bank of Canada

Mike Aoki delivered an insightful and first rate webinar titled “How to Introduce Sales into a Customer Service Call Center” on Feb. 9, 2010, which was full of valuable, useful information. His webinar was very well received by National members of CIM, CICAM, & Guild of ICIA. Mike continues to be a terrific keynote speaker that always pleases his audience.”

…Phil Russo, President, Canadian Institute of Management, Toronto Branch



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