How to Turn Low Performers into High Performers



performance management

In a performance culture while hiring plays a major role in the success of each employee,

effective coaching allows the skilled leader to change their results quickly allowing them

to lower turn over which in turn allows them to build upon the success and maximize



In this interactive web coaching session you will learn:

-How to effectively root cause performance gaps

-How to effectively coach the gap once identified

-How to replace entitlement with empowerment

-How to create an atmosphere that employees are motivated to perform well in

-New Hire Experience – How to be better prepared in meeting performance needs

-Identifying the differences of between a Coach and a Leader

-How to inspect what you expect

-Gaining employee buy in


Who Should Attend:

-Contact Center Managers, Directors, VP’s
-Contact Center Supervisors, Team Leaders
-Anyone who has direct reports or manages a team
-Human Resources personnel




Tequea Batson-Diaz

Tequea Batson-Diaz is an Operations Manager at Sprint’s Denver, CO location, specializing in Culture Change, People Management as well as Leadership and Performance coaching.
Tequea serves as the center coaching consultant and ensures that root cause analysis is accurate and plans are built to address performance behaviors rather than the “whack a metric approach”.
Tequea also drives a leadership culture of employee experience understanding that it has a significant impact on the customer experience and has been recognized as a top performing manager across
Sprint for more than 30 consecutive months winning several national awards and receiving CEO recognition for consistency in performance excellence. In her 16 years in leadership, Tequea has managed
more than 2,000 employees and NEVER lost one to poor performance.

Tequea also is the owner of Visible Dreams Coaching LLC where she assists individuals, professionals & organizations in building plans that move motivated minds to magnificent results. Tequea designs
coaching plans based on the needs of the individuals or organization she is coaching helping them to identify their gaps, overcome performance barriers and build ways to create buy in. Tequea’s
clients include Sprint, Nice Systems, First Bank, Direct TV, Colorado 811 and Cable Vision as well as individual leaders in various industries and organizations.
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