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ICCA TeleServices is a division of ICCA and offers a full suite of outbound calling solutions.

We offer B2B, or B2C outbound call center service that will call everyone on your contact list and read a script as provided by you. We can also create a custom script or scripts based on your needs. During each conversation with the recipient, we can collect information, update records, pitch your product/services, close a sale, etc.

We will provide full reporting of all interactions and all our calls are recorded.

Our agents will manually navigate past the receptionist or gatekeeper to reach every individual on your list.

We offer Bilingual Service (English, French & Spanish).

All our agents are located in North America.

We can assist if you need any of the following:

-Follow up calls

-Cold Calling

-Sales Calls

-Reminder Calls

-Appointment Setting

-Event Registration

-Lead Qualification

-Customer Sartisfaction Surveys

-Market Research


-Non-profit calls (donations)

-Lead Generation

-Warranty Upgrades

-Promotional Offers

-Contract Renewals

-List Update and Maintenance


We offer per call rates, hourly rates and flat rates.

For more info, contact info@iccaevent.com

outbound call center services


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