LAMA Courses


ICCA is thrilled to partner with Mckee Consulting to bring you their LAMA training programs.  Since 1979, McKee Consulting has been advising hundreds of clients with thousands of sales agents and customer service representatives.  They offer life-changing LAMA and Positive Coach Approach training to world-class call and contact centers.

What is LAMA Training?

The LAMA© technique will enable you to initiate and maintain a constructive
dialog with everyone. Your skillful use of LAMA will allow you to achieve great
improvements in all of your conversations-whether you’re in sales, customer service,
call center coaching, management, or in your personal life.

Your LAMA Training Instructors:

  • Sally Cordova Years of experience: 15 Expertise: Training
  • Judy McKee Years of experience: 41 Expertise: Training
  • Maureen Tzouris Years of experience: 7 Expertise: Training


 Core Courses – FOUR Lesson Series

Here you will find the necessary tools for success with The LAMA Training by McKee Consulting. This is the place to begin and learn the keys to strong communication skills. These courses are designed to be learned in this specific order. All additional courses are built on this four course foundation:

-Introduction to the LAMA Training
-Building Relationships
-The LAMA Technique

Once you have completed the LAMA Core Courses you will see what a marvelous conversational skill you have obtained. You can use this skill to enhance any conversation. Sales, Service, Retention, Management, Coaching, and best of all…your life outside of work!

After the LAMA Core Courses, continue on with your LAMA Lessons. Look for other courses that will make you more skillful and successful on the job.

Enjoy the LAMA Core Courses and go make a difference!

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 LAMA for Add on Sales – SIX Lesson Series

Use LAMA for Up Selling and Cross Selling

“The probability of selling to a new customer is between 5 and 20%. The probability of selling to an existing client is between 60 and 70%.”

Sell MORE!
Learn to use LAMA to increase your sales, your units per transaction, dollars per transaction, and introduce new items into your conversation easily with these tried and true methods.
We have LAMA-tized  Up Selling and Cross Selling as a SERVICE!
It’s always been a service…now you will have the “How-to”

Six Lessons:

LAMA For Add On Sales – Module 1 LAMA Attitude for Add on Sales FULL Version-  split into 3 lessons below
LAMA For Add On Sales – Module 1 Lesson 1: The LAMA Technique – Purpose and Objectives
LAMA For Add On Sales – Module 1 Lesson 2: The Basic Rules of Customer Engagement
LAMA For Add On Sales – Module 1 Lesson 3: Up-Selling and Cross-Selling
LAMA For Add On Sales – Module 2: The Transitional Method
LAMA For Add On Sales – Module 3: The Buying Signal Method
LAMA For Add On Sales – Module 4: The Seed the Sale Method


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 LAMA To Go – Money Series – FOUR Lesson Series

Here we have a number of different quick lessons to help you learn a new thing and take it back to work right away. In each of these easy 5-10 minute lessons, you will learn one new way to help increase sales, be more confident, make a happy customer, and enjoy your job more. Feel free to do any of these over and over as you like. They are so quick, your break time won’t even be over yet.


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 Handling Upset Customers – FOUR Lesson Series

Open the doors to understanding how to “Handle an Upset Customer” with a few short and high impact lessons.

When you learn that you can prepare for only 3 upsets that exist in the mind of your customer, then you will be able to “handle” every type of issue and problem that comes to you. This set of lessons will build the self-esteem of the Customer Care Agent to a new high level.
For the Agent who takes this course: Mastering a new skill in Communication and Conversation will endear you to the customer, allow you to serve the client, build the business of your company, and manage your own emotions.

Learn to recognize three types of upsets:

1. Unfulfilled Expectations
2. Thwarted Intentions
3. Undelivered Communications

When you use these lessons in this module, you will know what to say and how to say it. You will learn to diffuse the situation with kindness and non-judgmental expressions.

Module 1 will give you the guidelines and the clear steps to manage any conversation. The focus will be on Unfulfilled Expectations. Most of the upset customer calls received in contact centers are because the customer had an expectation that was NOT fulfilled. This situation does not require defense but instead a strong comprehension of the real issue.

Agents who learn this and “make it their own’ in the future will no longer be uncomfortable when they hear a customer who is upset. The Agent who uses the techniques in this course will “Handle the Customer with Care” and at the same time have a clear path as to where to direct the conversation and will know what to do.

This skill builds huge confidence in the Agent and that confidence spills over to the good feeling the customers will have knowing the Agent knows what to do next. The interaction and the quiz will assure the management that the Agent knows and understands how to handle the first of three upsets.

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