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Increase your contact center’s revenue by learning to up-sell and cross-sell products and services. Good service is not enough to ensure long term business success. You need to seize opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell products and services over the phone and turn your cost center into a revenue center.

Upselling can also reduce churn and increase client loyalty. In fact, clients with more than one product or service are 40 percent more likely to remain loyal.

So, bring your Team Managers and/or Agents into your boardroom for an hour and participate in this important webinar. You can use your Internet connected computer and projector to show the webinar in your meeting room, and hear the audio on your computer speakers or conference calling phone. Don’t miss out on these important tips to increase revenue and loyalty.

In this workshop, Agents and Managers will learn:

1) How to identify the right moment to transition from a service call to a sales call. If you do this too early in a call, you risk annoying the caller. If you leave this until the end, you will lose the sale because the caller has already decided to end the call.

2) How to spot “hidden” clues, so you recognize the best products and services to offer. This will include a variety of questions to determine a caller’s needs. Sales will increase dramatically if you identify the right solution for your caller.

3) How to actively listen and avoid making assumptions. Making the caller feel heard increases trust and building trust leads to more sales.

4) How to state the benefits of your product or service from the caller’s perspective, using key phrases that increase a caller’s likelihood of buying.

5) How to create a sense of urgency, so callers buy now. This includes three key phrases that lead to a commitment, as well as five key phrases to avoid.

6) How to read buying signals, so you know when it is time to close the sale. Can you identify the “magic” words caller’s use when they are ready to spend money?

7) How to use key closing techniques, so you can make the sale in a warm, friendly manner.

At the end of this training, your Agents and Managers will leave with the ability to spot sales opportunities. They will know how to upsell and rightsize callers on the most appropriate products and features to increase your departmental revenue.

Who Should Attend:

This web training is directed at Call Center Team Leaders,CSR’s, QA Team, Managers and Directors in both Inbound and Outbound operations.


Mike Aoki

Mike Aoki

Mike Aoki is the President of Reflective Keynotes Inc. (, a training company that helps contact centers deal more effectively with irate callers and sell more effectively on inbound calls. A call center expert, Mike has been interviewed by the Customer Experience Radio Show, Contact Centre Pipeline magazine and the Globe and Mail. His background includes 20 years of call center, sales and management experience. So, Mike brings real-life examples to his training workshops, speeches and consulting work.

– Testimonials for Mike Aoki’s Training:

” Mike has a deep understanding of the opportunities and constraints that exist in delivering training for results in a call center environment. I knew Mike as an inspiring leader, facilitator and business partner who is passionate about the work he does (it shows) and focused on bottom line results.”

…Kim Katz, Director, Client Care, Telus Mobility

” Mike is a great keynote speaker and a fantastic trainer. I’ve seen him in action in person and can promise you that he knows what he is doing. The bank I work for hired him after we’d heard good things about him and he made a keynote address to our entire Ontario management team.”

…Nigel Robertson, Vice-President, Business Development Bank of Canada

Mike Aoki delivered an insightful and first rate webinar titled “How to Introduce Sales into a Customer Service Call Center” on Feb. 9, 2010, which was full of valuable, useful information. His webinar was very well received by National members of CIM, CICAM, & Guild of ICIA. Mike continues to be a terrific keynote speaker that always pleases his audience.”

…Phil Russo, President, Canadian Institute of Management, Toronto Branch

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