Secrets of Confident Conversation


Secrets of Confident Conversations

Secrets of Confident Conversations

This online course is tailored for anyone wanting to improve their conversational skills.

It will especially benefit people who are in Sales that attends Trade-shows and/or Networking events.

It will also help you if you are in Outbound Tele-Sales ( Inside Sales, Telemarketing, etc)

After taking this course your comfort level making cold calls will not only improve, you will find that your prospects actually will actually WANT to talk to you!

You will learn the following:

-How to enter a room full of strangers– with confidence

-Make an impact

-Making small talk

-How to move from small talk to conversation

-How to become part of a conversation

-How to leave a conversation gracefully

-Introduction strategies

-Making sure to get an introduction to someone you don’t know( yet)

-How to make people WANT to talk to you

-What NOT to talk about

-How to have a great VOICE

-Cultural differences and expectations

-Look your best at all times

And more—–