Social Media in Customer Service

Customer service can be a tricky thing for both companies and customers. Social media can be a great medium of communication for those who haven’t quite receive complete customer satisfaction and want to talk to the company.

Social media can act like a call center or contact center for a company as long as the company is willing to actually listen to their customers and be willing to help. An omnichannel (also spelled omni-channel) is an approach to sales using a multichannel system that seeks to provide a more seamless customer experience while they are shopping. It comes in handy whether the customer is doing some shopping from their desktop or mobile phone/devices, from the phone, or actually visiting the store. How can a store keep in contact with its customers through social media though? Here are a few things that you can do right when helping your customers through some accidental hiccups from your products, or just customer confusion.

  • Choose a social media outlet that your customers actively use. Try things like Twitter and Facebook first, as these are the most popular conversationalist websites. Instagram wouldn’t be a great choice if you want to hear back from your customers, but would be great to advertise on. Each site has different perks that make it good for different things a business needs.


  • Listen when your customers have an issue. Often enough, a complaint will be raised by a customer and the company will do nothing about it and act as if it was never acknowledged. You can make your customers feel cared for by acknowledging their concerns and addressing them with a solution. Nothing can create a worse customer experience than by having their question remain unanswered or being ignored when they have a problem. No one likes to be ignored, especially when money can be involved. Try to be personal when answering questions, use the customer’s name and include your own. If you can, follow up a few days after with well wishes to check that everything is fixed. Customers remember kindness.


See when your customers are most active and what they have the most concerns over. You can make a FAQ (frequently asked questions) if you see particular questions pop up frequently, so your customers won’t feel like a bother by always asking the same thing. You can make a schedule that meets your customer’s activity needs by having more people answering questions when there are more questions being asked. Make sure to have some priority when answering questions, whether they are about more important issues or simple questions


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