Understanding Your Customer


Customer Service Training

Quick Overview

In this course, you’ll look into different types of customer needs, especially unstated needs. Satisfying your customers may be more complex than you originally thought. Solving their problems and answering their questions is not enough. Next, you’ll explore how to identify, validate, and meet customers stated and unstated needs by using different probing techniques and other active listening skills, as well as a 5 phase approach to problem solving. Finally, you’ll investigate how customer needs are related to service and product options and how you can use your customers’ background information, such as call history, to provide them with better customer service. This course is approximately 1 hour in length.

Course Code: CSS301

Chapter 1: Customer Needs
Chapter 2: Identifying, Validating, and Meeting Customer Needs
Chapter 3: Customer Information

Course Topics:

• The Kano Model
• Recognizing customers’ unstated needs
• Another unstated need: consistency
• How to identify customer needs
• Validating customer needs
• Meeting customer needs
• Determining service options
• Who are your customers?
• Customer information

Canada: $150 plus applicable taxes (per user)
USA & All Other Countries: $135 USD (per user)